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Mugen News
  • Violent Ken
    date : July 18 2005
    yeah it's a release not a joke...
    He's isn't finished yet but well this is better than nothing.

  • Releases and Updates chars of IronMugen.
    date : June 16 2005
    Releases: Hinako Shijo from KOF2001 Ryuji Yamazaki from KOF2003. Updates: Saisyu Kusanagi from KOF1998 King from KOF2001 Kusanagi from KOF2002 Laurent Demianoff aka his brother. Patch: Ryuji Yamazaki from RBS - patch by Winane

  • KOFZ MK2 050308
    date : March 08 2005
    Humm, l'équipes Mugen china, ont sortis la version 050308 de King of Fighter Zillion Make 2 :) cool

  • Marco Hwoarang
    date : December 23 2004
    Kim Hwoa Rang was one of Iron's greatest projects, but he got bored with it. Now Junior Chillage is continueing him, with a different design. The first beta is up for download.

  • Neogeo Battle Colosseum
    date : October 31 2004
    Neogeo Battle Colosseum life bar BY Most Unbalance(Mu a.k.a Making Addicted)

  • Hugo SVC
    date : October 31 2004
    Released of Hugo by adamskie & Tin.

  • Stages Samurai Shodown V (Special)
    date : October 29 2004
    Sunny released 5 new stages from Stages Samurai Shodown V and the Special edition.

  • Rimururu
    date : October 07 2004
    Rimururu of SS5 updated by Mugeni, ;)

  • Cute Gallery
    date : October 07 2004
    I re-up the gallery and add new characters.
    If you want to help me with screens or to classify the characters, you can contact me on the board.

  • Stage Samurai Shodown
    date : September 30 2004
    Sunny released some Samurai Shodown V and Samurai Shodown V special stages.

  • Tsunade
    date : September 20 2004
    Sunny released a first version of Tsunade.

  • Kim Kaph Hwan
    date : August 31 2004
    Kim Kaph Hwan update by CC Ironmugen :)), Added: Sanren geki 's new 2K2 follow up, Some, voice replaced Ex mode

  • Kurokishi, YIori, D'Raven and THIN NEN
    date : August 30 2004
    Kurokishi, YIori, D'Raven and THIN NEN from Power Instinct 1+2 released by Ihoo1836.

  • Sff Extract
    date : August 30 2004
    Sff Extract version 0.91 updated by Winane

  • Megaman endings
    date : August 29 2004
    Junior Chillage released all endings from both Megaman: The Power Battle and Megaman 2: The Power Fighters. Enjoy these with your Megaman, Protoman, Bass and Duo characters...

  • Stages updated
    date : August 25 2004
    Pepethelpfan's stages are updated, to be shown correctly in both Dos and Winmugen. A new stage is also released...

  • Yamazaki
    date : August 23 2004
    Yamazaki updated by Minmei, hosted in Mugen Roundabout.

  • UNP
    date : August 21 2004
    UNP updated Radel and Annie from PIM.

  • 7 new stages
    date : August 19 2004
    Pepethelpfan made his first stages. They're all compatible with Winmugen.

  • Hsien-Ko stage
    date : August 15 2004
    Magnus released another stage.


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