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Site News
  • November 11 2004 :
    Evil Ryu svc released.
    He doesn't have his motm stance because I didn't finished it yet.

  • October 04 2004 :
    Evil Ryu's readme is online.

  • September 04 2004 :
    Athena 2002 reuploaded : AI fixed (guard code and other things)

  • September 03 2004 :
    Neo Athena was removed, she's now an Athena 2002 mode.
    See Athena's readme for more informations.

  • August 29 2004 :
    Athena 2002 updated, she has a new palette and many little things are fixed.

  • August 20 2004 :
    New patch for Athena 2002 available.

  • August 19 2004 :
    I uploaded a patch for Athena02 (damage corrections, sounds corrections and little few things).

  • August 18 2004 :
    Athena 02 updated, she has an HSDM and some little things were fixed.

  • August 16 2004 :
    SFFMaker is updated again. Now it becomes Mugen Maker because .SND can be created.

  • August 15 2004 :
    I updated SffMaker to version 1.1.

  • August 14 2004 :
    I added a new tool called SffMaker, which allow to create sff files without using DOS.

  • August 08 2004 :
    I sent a SSV stage to Kyo (streetmugen webmaster) so the stage will be released soon there.
    I also added Mina's wip page.

  • August 01 2004 :
    I added a new video showing Athena's AI. She hasn't a killer AI but far better than the old version.

  • July 27 2004 :
    An english text submitted by Orochi KOF97.

  • July 26 2004 :
    I added a new english text for mugen torch.
    Also all characters are now available to download, you can thanks Orochi KOF97 who switched the archives on a server with unlimited bandwidth.

  • July 20 2004 :
    3 portraits pack available (svc, kof2002 and kof2003).

  • July 19 2004 :
    Athena's readme online available.

  • July 18 2004 :
    I added a text talking about the guy who stole mine Athena 02.

  • July 16 2004 :
    A French text added by myself.

  • July 15 2004 :
    Ken-X removed, he isn't hosted here, Limited Moon will have his website up soon so just wait a new version.


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